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Discover Swedish Heritage

Preserving and Showcasing Swedish Culture


Welcome to the Swedish Heritage & Cultural Center, located in Stanton, Iowa. Our center is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Swedish heritage and culture through museum exhibits, tours, educational programs, and events. With a focus on local history, the center provides visitors with a rich historical experience, offering insights into Swedish traditions, history, and customs. The museum also incorporates the beginnings of the Swedish settlement in Stanton, adding an authentic touch to its exhibits.

The Stanton Swedish settlement was the dream of Rev. Bengt Magnus Halland who left Sweden for America in 1855.  After his ordination from the Swedish Augustana Synod in 1864, and marriage in 1865, he began to search for a place where his fellow countrymen could come together and establish congregations of their own faith. Pastor Halland approached the Burlington Railroad land office and asked to be allowed to choose a site for settlement. The rich, fertile soil of Southwest Iowa was the leading factor in his choice. Once he had selected the location, he placed advertisements in Swedish American newspapers to draw people to the tract of land he’d chosen. The plan for a Swedish colony in southwest Iowa met with instant favor all across the country and in the spring of 1870 settlers began to arrive. Pastor Halland’s dream had become a reality but this is only part of our story. When you visit the SHCC you will discover so much more of our town’s history and the culture we strive to maintain. Come visit and see for yourself. Välkommen till Stanton!


If you are interested in reading the entire history of the founding of Stanton, a copy of Gracious Bounty by Claus L. Anderson is available for purchase in the gift shop.

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